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Seven chefs you want to book your next meal with

Picolo has been lucky enough to talk to seven amazing chefs, each brilliant at what they do.


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1. Paulo Airaudo is Chasing his third Michelin star in the world's premier food city 

Paulo Airaudo, from Argentina, became the first foreign chef in legendary San Sebastián to receivea Michelin star. The Argentinian is the talent behind the two-Michelin-star restaurant Amelia, located in the beautiful boutiquehotel Villa Favorita, which is named after his only daughter. He took a well-deserved break between serving lunch and dinner to chat with  

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Paulo Airaudo

2. Gustav Trägårdh is Swedens Chef of the Year  

According to Eva Lehmann of Gothenburg & Co, Gurras is one of the hottest places on the restaurant scene in Gothenburg.

Renowned chef Gustav Trägårdh (who won Chef of the year and Chefs' Match in Sweden, and also runs the BeerNFries) is behind Gurras. Located in Postgatan 16, it has several tables on its outdoor terrace. The interior is open and spacious with a big, lively kitchen, and many round tables that are perfect for socializing. The service is good and the menu delivers what more and more people are searching for when travelling the world: street food. Gurras has global flavours and an a la carte menu and serves high-quality street food.   

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The renowned chef Gustav Trägårdh is behind Gurras - a must stop in Gothenburg at the moment.

3 and 4. Gustav and Niclas at Bhoga – two cool chefs with a star 

Gothenburg has six Michelin-starred restaurants, one of which also has a Green Star. Bhoga, located in Norra Hamngatan 10, is a restaurant with a unique and innovative approach to using seasonal ingredients with a focus on Swedish vegetables. The restaurant is run by the chefs Gustav and Niclas. The place has a reputation for serving high-quality gourmet dishes at a price that is easy on your wallet. The atmosphere is also surprisingly relaxed. This is a great destination for a gastronomic dining experience that will surprise you and where you don't have to don your finest dress or suit. 

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5. Sofia B. Olsson – bringing the pacific oyster into fine dining  

When chef Sofia B. Olsson couldn't find anyone to supply her with the disparaged Pacific oyster, she donned waders and took matters into her own hands. Today, the oyster is a major culinary success around the world. The taste of minerality, salt, and the Swedish west coast. The Pacific oyster, also known as the Japanese oyster is a wild oyster that has been criticised and feared. Many consider it an alien species, with some even calling for its eradication. But Sofia discovered that it has a wonderful texture. A little firmer than regular oysters, slightly larger, and somewhat lumpier – more authentic. 

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Sofia B. Olsson

6. Elena Reygadas is the world's best female chef 

 The Mexican chef talks to Picolo about what cooking is really about, her commitment to gender equality, her top three ingredients, and the honour of being named "the world's best female chef". 

– My interest in food was probably not a sudden revelation, but rather a passion that came to me over time. After all, cooking is an activity that requires great endurance and repetition. 

And there has been a lot of repetition for Elena. Virtually all her life, since she's spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her grandmothers. It was they who taught her to follow recipes for the first time. For Elena, her time in the kitchen in her childhood was an excuse to be social and spend time with those she loves. 

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imageMaureen Evans

Elena Reygadas

7. Jonathan Romano became a Michelin master chef by accident 

It was never Jonathan Romano's plan to become a Michelin-star chef. On his first day ever working in a restaurant, he walked in expecting to become a waiter. Luckily, for the Norwegian restaurant world, his boss had a different plan. Romano has opened more than 25 restaurants. He ignited the sushi wave in Norway as the co-creator of the country’s best known sushi restaurants, Alex Sushi. He has now started his latest adventure, opening the uncompromising seafood restaurant, Aquarie. Romano admits his journey wasn’t what he had planned for his life. 

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Jonathan Romano