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From fast street food to slow Michelin stars

Gothenburg has quickly grown into a paradise for foodies. Whether you're looking for a fast street food experience or Michelin stars, the Swedish coastal city delivers.


Guro Holmene


Hassan leans far out of the window of the Jinx Food Truck on Magasingatan in central Gothenburg.

"I love having a lot of customer contact, and I meet a lot of people and tourists here. Plus, the sun is shining," Hassan says, looking up and smiling broadly.

The square is full of people around lunchtime, with both Swedes and tourists gathering for a quick and tasty meal. In addition, the area is known for good vintage and big brand clothes shopping, interior design shops, and a general hipster atmosphere.

"There's a lot of action and damn good food here," laughs Hassan. Jinx serves New York-inspired pork buns, and its line is long.

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Lunsj i Göteborg

Göteborg har en spennende matscene - med alt fra kule food trucks til Michelin-restauranter.

Gothenburg's hottest restaurant tips right now 

Hassan is convinced he knows the reason why street food has become such a hit in Gothenburg:

"It's quick to make, so you get your food quickly. And you aren't eating in a venue, so you can bring your food with you to one of the city's many parks, or sit by the water. That's what I like most about street food."

Ready for some dining experiences out of the ordinary?



Hassan works at the popular food truck Jinx in Magasingatan.

1. Jinx Food Truck – Fresh and Efficient

Jinx Food Truck is parked in a square on Magasinsgatan, a cool urban area with lots of outdoor seating. The place serves street food and Asian fusion with lot of flavors, served fresh and quick. We recommend the Thaicos & Pork Bun combo! 

"If you're in Gothenburg, you should experience the lunch culture. In Sweden, we have a long lunch during working hours, and also eat a hot lunch. There is a long tradition for this being an important and social break during the day," says Eva Lehmann, Unit Manager at Gothenburg & Co., the city's official tourism organisation.

She also mentions street food as something you should experience when you're in town.

"There are many trucks around the city, and you can get an exotic and varied dining experience."



How about taking the boat to Hönö from Stenpiren for lunch?

2. Tullhuset – Fantastic seafood

Gothenburg has a fantastic archipelago, and there are daily boat trips from Stenpiren out to lovely seaside resorts and small communities. On Hönö, you can experience authentic Swedish west coast idyll with fishing boats, small clothing shops, bathing spots and cliffs, and good restaurants.

One such spot is Tullhuset, which serves fantastic seafood. If you have plenty of time, hop on the boat to Hönö for some lunch and sun – the trip takes about an hour from Gothenburg city centre. 



The renowned chef Gustav Trägårdh is behind Gurras - a must stop in Gothenburg at the moment.

3. Gurras – Chef of the Year 

According to Eva Lehmann of Gothenburg & Co, Gurras is one of the hottest places on the restaurant scene in Gothenburg.

Located in Postgatan 16, it has several tables on its outdoor terrace. The interior is open and spacious with a big, lively kitchen, and many round tables that are perfect for socializing. The service is good and the menu delivers what more and more people are searching for when travelling the world: street food. Gurras has global flavours and an a la carte menu and serves high-quality street food.  

Renowned chef Gustav Trägårdh (who won Chef of the year and Chefs' Match in Sweden, and also runs the BeerNFries) is behind the concept. He uses good, locally sourced local ingredients in season, and emphasises that prices should never be too high. Gurra's Ostron Japan and Sticky karaage chicken are recommended in particular.


Poppels Citybryggeri

Poppels is the place for beer and lunch!

4. Poplar City Brewery – A beer tap on the table

The truly unique places are often located a little outside the very core of the city centre. And Poppels City Brewery is one such spot. Walk (about 20 minutes from the central station) or hop on one of the city's many green bikes – they are surprisingly easy and very affordable. It's worth the trip because here you get locally brewed beer, in fact, it's straight from the tank to the pub.  

You can have both lunch and dinner here, with a menu created by chef Johan Björkman. Formerly the head chef at Michelin-starred restaurant Koka, he is now living out his own dream of fermentation and gastronomy with a strong focus on vegetables and bread at Poppels. Ask about the perfect food and beer pairing. PS: you can even book a table with a private tap!

5. Luckans Fisk & Skaldjur – Relaxed seafood

If you want a real Swedish seafood experience, head to Luckans Fisk & Skaldjur, located in the Majorna district. The area is characterized by charming wooden houses, trendy cafes and shops, and a relaxed atmosphere.  

This is the place to go to eat fresh fish directly from the harbour, oysters, freshly cooked shellfish, and the best prawns.


This is the experience at fantastic Bhoga!

6. Bhoga – Cool chefs with a star

Gothenburg has six Michelin-starred restaurants, one of which also has a Green Star. Bhoga, located in Norra Hamngatan 10, is a restaurant with a unique and innovative approach to using seasonal ingredients with a focus on Swedish vegetables.  

The place has a reputation for serving high-quality gourmet dishes at a price that is easy on your wallet. The atmosphere is also surprisingly relaxed. This is a great destination for a gastronomic dining experience that will surprise you and where you don't have to don your finest dress or suit.

Read an interview with the chefs here.

7. Stora Saluhallen

Stora Saluhallen deserves a mention on the list, even though this is the city's food hall and a natural drop in spot for tourists. But this food court is both intimate and delicious, and you will encounter at least as many locals as visitors here. The place has a long history and impressive architecture, and a good mix of delis and eateries. Our favourite is Bar Bulot – try its fish soup. 

sweden_gothenburg_restaurant_bars_hotel_street-food_seafood_food-truck_Bhoga_Gurras_near-meAdrian Leversby /

Le Comptoir

You go here for good service and French cheeses.

8. Le Comptoir

This place is like coming to France. Funky French music fills the room, French delicacies such as cheese, cakes and hams line an entire long wall, and highly skilled, French-speaking staff are ready to serve you.

Is there anything in particular we're looking for that's missing? The staff assure you they can get it. 

Although it's open in the evenings too, we recommend Le Comptoir for lunch. Ask the staff to combine a plate with cheese & chark (ham), you won't regret it!

This idyllic place is located on Gothenburg's Avenyn, but it doesn't feel like a tourist magnet.

Bon appétit... or, as Hasse says: enjoy your street food!