This is where the hit HBO series Succession was shot in Norway

Succession has been a smash hit around the world.


Gita Simonsen


Over its four seasons, the series has been shot in a variety of locations: the US, the UK, Iceland, Croatia, Italy and now, in its very last season, Norway.

Despite a somewhat slow start, Succession has grown to become a popular series internationally with many viewers eagerly awaiting the latest episode each Sunday. The series finale has rolled across our screens when fans around the world reluctantly bid farewell to the series about powerful media mogul Logan Roy.

We're not going to reveal how it all ended, but rather head to one of the amazing locations where the series was shot – Norway.


Juvet Landscape Hotel

Lukas Mattson, portrayed by Aleksander Skarsgaard, in front of one of the rooms at Juvet Landscape Hotel

Lukas Matsson brought the Roy family to Norway

It is not entirely random that Succession found a location in the northern hemisphere. From the start, series creator Jesse Armstrong wanted the character Lukas Matsson to be played by a Scandinavian actor and also wanted the series to be set in Matsson's world. Swedish star Alexander Skårsgård was cast, and beautiful Norway was chosen as a location.

Speaking to Variety, producer Scott Ferguson explained why Norway was the right location for Succession:

"Norway has a brilliant, natural setting. It immediately seemed like a perfect place for a family gathering in the series. We studied different countries, but we realized that only Norway has this exceptional landscape – like nowhere else in the world has."

Antagonist, tech visionary, and egotistical businessman Mattson gives the Roy family a small taste of Norway.

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The Atlantic Ocean Road (Atlanterhavsvegen) lies between the two cities Kristiansund and Molde, and menders in the ocean between Averøy and Hustadvika

Here is an overview of the magnificent places they visit

The Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road was named 'Structure of the century' in Norway in 2005 and is often referred to as the world's most beautiful road trip. The stretch runs between the coastal resorts of Bud and Kristiansund and extends over 36 paved kilometres. The road connects the island of Averøy with the mainland and crosses multiple bridges connecting the islands. The Atlantic Road is an engineering feat, but also a delight for nature lovers. As the name suggests, the ocean is on both sides, and there are plenty of spots to stop and park if you wish to enjoy the view on foot.

The Atlantic Road is not only seen in Succession, but also in the Bond film No Time to Die, as well as in numerous commercials.


Juvet Landscape hotel

The Juvet Landscape Hotel

The award-winning Juvet Landscape Hotel was also to the liking of Succession producer Ferguson.

"When we saw pictures of the remarkable architecture and surroundings of the gorge, we were very excited," Ferguson said.

It's no wonder that the hotel is inspiring. The gorge lies inside a birch forest, between a flowing river and high peaks. Although it's not a very big hotel, it can offer 24 beds in a beautiful landscape combined with exceptional architecture. The hotel was designed to have the least possible impact on nature. There are bath houses with steam rooms and a number of saunas and swimming pools on the grounds.

There are also a number of exciting activities in the area, including climbing, rafting, and ziplining, as well as a beautiful and spectacular tourist route that runs between the Geirangerfjord and Romsdalen. Here, both driver and passengers need to have good nerves ...

Juvet can also be seen in the feature film Ex Machina from 2014, starring another Swedish actor, Alicia Vikander.


Greg og Tom at Eggen Restaurant

Eggen restaurant

Eggen Restaurant is perched at 708 metres above sea level at the top of the city mountain Nesaksla above Åndalsnes. Take Norway's longest cable car, the Romsdal Gondola, up to the top of the mountain and visit the restaurant, which is majestically situated at the very edge of the mountain cliff.

The restaurant offers Nordic cuisine with a French twist, which you can enjoy along with a 360-degree view of Romsdalshorn, Store Venjetinden, and Kirketaket. Once you arrive at the top Nesaksla, you can enjoy the mountain air on a long or short hike before dining.