24 hours in Gothenburg: "You can find the best food on the street"

Chef Gustav Trägårdh's vision is simple: A good meal should be cool, it should definitely be filling, and the price shouldn't be eye-watering! Here are the places to go in vibrant Gothenburg, Sweden if only have one day at your disposal.


Guro Holmene


"Have you met Gustav?" asks the waitress when she comes to our table.

"Eh. No."

She laughs, and continues:

"Then you're in for a treat. He's quite a character."

The Gustav she is referring to is Gustav Trägårdh, previously named chef of the year, who has almost 50 years of experience, and a reputation as one of the most renowned people in gastronomy in Sweden. He launched BeerNFries on Södra Larmgatan, and his latest addition to Gothenburg's food scene is Gurras, where we now find ourselves.

Gurras is a street food restaurant that has taken inspiration from all over the world, but which also has an à la carte menu and the highest quality.  


Street food at Gurras

Picolo recommend oysters from the menu.

While we wait for the renowned chef and dinner to be ready, we need to turn back the clock. We have collected the best tips for lunch, shopping, culture, restaurants, and even a little action, if you only have 24 hours in Gothenburg.

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Hassan works at the popular food truck Jinx in Magasingatan.

Food truck lunch 

We imagine a visit where you arrive in Gothenburg at lunchtime and return home at the same time the next day. In recent years, a plethora of food trucks have popped up around Gothenburg city centre. They are becoming increasingly popular, since you grab your lunch quickly and eat wherever you want – like in the 1800s park Trädgårdsforeningen, or beside the river in the city centre.

One of the coolest street food places can be found on Magasinsgatan. This is where the Jinx Food Truck is located, and the truck is parked here on a permanent basis. Enjoy pork buns, vegan buns, or a chicken sandwich – lots of flavours and herbs.  

In addition, you are close to the best shopping.


Lunch to go

Take away lunch (from Jinx) and shopping.

The coolest vintage shopping 

After lunch at Jinx, you'll have enough energy to start shopping in the courtyard you're in, at the Grandpa store. Here, you will find famous brand clothing for both men and women, such as GANNI, Hope and Stine Goya, as well as cool interior items, jewellery, and sunglasses.

If you head further down to Magasinsgatan, you will find the vintage shops Pop Boutique, Ragtime, and APLACE.  You will also find shops such as Acne Studios,  Norrgavel, and Haglöfs in the same area.  

sweden_gothenburg_ferry_stenpiren_boat_swimming_nature_what-to-do_near-meAdrian Leversby /


From Stenpiren you can take a ferry out to Gothenburg's beautiful nature.

Island hopping 

After shopping, it's time for some nature experiences. Not all visitors may know that Gothenburg has an amazing archipelago that is easily accessible to everyone. You can get to islands efficiently and easily from Stenpiren, from which you can also take the boat out to the to the island of Hönö in the northern part of the archipelago.

The boat ride to Hönö takes about 60 minutes. At the pier you will be greeted by real Swedish idyll, with small local clothing shops, restaurants, locally brewed beer, ice cream shops, lovely nature trails for walking, and swimming from the rocky shore. One of the better places to eat is the seafood restaurant Tullhuset. Once you are ready, hop on the boat and breathe in the Swedish sea air on your way back to the big city.  


The amusement park Liseberg is a hit for families with children of all ages.

Liseberg is for children of all ages 

Enough relaxation in the archipelago. Our tour now continues on to Gothenburg's biggest attraction.

"Ah! My teeth are chattering, I'm so scared. I can't ride that one," says Norwegian girl Ingrid (4).

She looks up at Valkyria, which is one of the wildest attractions at the Liseberg amusement park.

Read the full story about the family's day at Liseberg here.

If you are not the archipelago type, you should definitely set aside a few hours in the afternoon to visit Liseberg instead. The amusement park is the largest in the Nordic region and has something for everyone – regardless of age and bravery. The little ones can visit Kaninlandet, which has a playground and gentle rides. Or you can go to the top of Liseberg, where you will find the new Luna – where you take a round trip to the moon.  

For those who really like speed, the 116-metre-high tower AtmosFear will be a hit as will the Helix roller coaster , which reaches speeds of 100 km per hour. For the true adrenaline seeker, buckle up in Valkyria, which is Europe's longest dive coaster with a drop of 50 metres!

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sweden_gothenburg_museum_what-to-do_near-me_artHossein Sehatlou / Göteborgs kunstmuseum

Gothenburg Museum of Art

The Gothenburg Museum of Art has one of the foremost art collections in Northern Europe.

Museums in Gothenburg 

All right. After speed and excitement, it's time for cultural replenishment. Not far from Liseberg is the Gothenburg Art Museum.

The museum has a Nordic profile but emphasizes presenting a wide range of artistic expressions and styles to give visitors a comprehensive experience of art history. Here, you can see works by artists such as Carl Larsson, Anders Zorn, Hilma af Klint, and paintings by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Picasso. Other famous museums in Gothenburg include Universeum,  the Museum of World Culture, and the Volvo Museum.  

sweden_gothenburg_restaurant_bars_hotel_street-food_seafood_food-truck_Bhoga_Gurras_near-meAdrian Leversby /


Renowned chef Gustav Trägårdh (who won Chef of the year and Chefs' Match in Sweden, and also runs the BeerNFries).

Dinner at Gurras 

It's time to replenish our energy again, and we're back at Gurras.

"Hey, Gustav!"

A tanned man in a chef's uniform, with spiky hair in a long ponytail and a big smile, sits down at our table. His eyes are eager. Gustav says he just came from a swim. Or an attempt at a swim, at least.

"I went to the bath, a public bath. Also, there are many signs and pointers on where to swim and not, 'you can go here', 'you can't go here'. So, I walked around a bit. And it also said I couldn't walk...

Gustav points to both the right and the left.

"So, I just gave up. There was no swimming. I hate guidelines, and that's exactly the opposite of what I am and want – this restaurant is supposed to be about freedom and joy. And quality and relevance are a matter of course."


Gurras opened in October 2022. Inside the venue sit group of friends and families, some couples on dates and a big group of older friends, laughing out loud. This was exactly the plan. Gurras should be for everyone of all ages and be diverse.  

"The goal was to create a restaurant everyone can afford to visit, with the whole world as inspiration. Here, you can eat street food like à la carte. There's a lot of flavours. Of course, we have salt and pepper, but we've never had to put them on the table."  

By the whole world, Gustav means inspiration from fast food in Europe, ands street food in Mexico, Vietnam, and Thailand. Food from places that don't have names, but that you find in an alley or on a corner - straight from the street or a food truck.

"Gurras has become exactly the way I wanted. A cool restaurant with a diverse menu and not too expensive. A good meal should be fun, I want something that's filling at a price that won't break the bank!"

Gustav laughs out loud and says that he now has to go back to the kitchen. But he says we must taste the sticky karaage chicken.  

sweden_gothenburg_restaurant_bars_hotel_street-food_seafood_food-truck_Bhoga_Gurras_near-meAdrian Leversby /

Le Comptoir

French Le Comptoir is a beautiful end to our Gothenburg tour.

Lunch at Le Comptoir

After an evening at Gurras, which was all about exciting flavours and new experiences – in addition to good cocktails – you tend to sleep for a long time.

But when you finally get up, we recommend a stroll from your hotel to Avenyn. Here, you will find French Le Comptoir, which is a beautiful end to our Gothenburg tour. It opens early, so you can go there for a late breakfast or early lunch. It's a place with a real French feel.  

Here, you can sample delicious French cheeses, ham, and macaroons, while chatting to knowledgeable staff (who also speak French). And since you might be on your way home, you can buy some French cheeses and delicacies from its on-site shop.

24 hours in Gothenburg: 

Lunch: Jinx Food Truck, Magasinsgatan 17 

Activities: Ferry from Stenpiren out to the archipelago or amusement park Liseberg, Örgrytevägen 5 

Museum: Gothenburg Art Museum, Götaplatsen 6 

Dinner and cocktails: Gurras, Postgatan 16 

Breakfast: Le Comptoir, Kungsportsavenyen 21