Liseberg in Gothenburg: "Scary? No, I was in stitches"

Charlie (10) has just spun 17 meters into the air at high speed. "Now I never want to go home," she says, laughing. Here is your guide to the Nordic region's largest amusement park, Gothenburg's Liseberg.


"Dad, you rode that one last time," says Ingrid, 4, pointing up.

High in the air, the Valkyria roller coaster has stopped at the very top. Feet are hanging in thin air and some people have already started screaming. At furious speed, it drops 50 meters straight down. Europe's longest dive coaster speeds by at 105 kilometres per hour – straight into an underground tunnel.

"Ah. My teeth are chattering, I can't ride that," says Ingrid.

"Imagine if you actually asked if the two of us could ride it together?" says her older sister Charlie. She wants to but knows there are plenty of other wild roller coasters. And the 10-year-old has a plan for which rides she wants to challenge herself with.

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Liseberg is a hit for families with children of all ages.

More than 20 restaurants in Liseberg

The three have travelled from Oslo in Norway to Sweden, for a day out at Gothenburg's most popular stop – the amusement park Liseberg.  

The afternoon starts with food and some planning of how the three will attack Liseberg. Hot dogs, nuggets and some soft drinks are enjoyed at one of the many restaurants on site. Liseberg has over 20 eateries where you can choose from everything from Italian at Al Parco, a quick hamburger at the Max chain, or healthier options in Saluhallen.


Europe’s longest Dive Coaster – a roller coaster with a vertical drop of 50 metres!

The new boomerang ride Luna 

The first stop then goes to the top of the amusement park, where there is a large playground and the new attraction, Luna. It's a so-called boomerang roller coaster, where you drive quickly forward and "up towards the moon", and then backwards, a full 33.5 meters above the ground. Despite the age limit of three years, Ingrid does not want to try it out, but Charlie and Dad are ready to put on their harnesses.

"Luna was a lot of fun. It went straight up. I was a little scared, but it was just fun," is Charlie's verdict.

"It was actually fun," agrees her dad.

In the same area, Ingrid is ready for something she thinks she dares to try: Turbo. She gets on her motorcycle and is somewhat sceptical about the first lap. But after a short time, she is having fun, and she pushed her pedal down making the ride go high in the air. She ends up riding Turbo several times.

"Didn't you think I'd dare, right? I'm actually a big girl now," says the 4-year-old eagerly.

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Cotton candy

Liseberg is full of stalls and shops with ice cream, food, cotton candy and classic Swedish sweets.

Helix and Valkyria for the bravest

Now it's time to test more challenging rides. The afternoon becomes a mix of queues, rides, the kids winning for the first time in a stall and being able to carry home a giant candy box. Candy floss is bought and desire to test Valkyria and Helix arises before the kids realise that they are far too scary.

Ingrid's highlight towards the end of the day is getting a driver's license with a photo at Farfars Bil. While she was taking her 'license', her older sister was on the classic Liseberg track – an 80 km per hour speed racer and one of the most popular attractions at Liseberg.

A day at Liseberg

"Now I never want to go home," Charlie says after a day at Liseberg.

"In stitches"

As the clock approaches nine o'clock in the evening, the whole family is tired. Still, Charlie points to Hanghai. "Can we please take it?" Her dad gathers up the last of his strength and they join the queue.

Hanghai starts rocking back and forth. Charlie looks somewhat uncertain. The pace quickens, and they hover over 15 metres above the ground as they spin around. You almost get dizzy  just looking at the rotations.

"It was awesome, I was in stitches," Charlie says when she runs over.

"Now I never want to go home."

The five most thrilling attractions at Liseberg: 

1. Valkyria:   

Dive coaster with a drop of 50 meters, and speeds of 105 kms per hour . You must be at least 132 centimetres tall and seven years old to ride it.

2. Helix:   

The 1381-metre roller coaster has seven inversions and a speed of 100 km per hour . You must be at least 130 centimetres tall and seven years old to ride it.

3. Balder:   

Roller coaster running at 90 km per hour, the steepest hill is 70 degrees, and a negative G is experienced ten times. You must be at least 130 centimetres and seven years old to ride it.

4. Loki:

A gyro swing that swings 120 degrees, speeds of 100 km per hour and a maximum altitude of 42 meters. You must be at least 130 centimetres tall and seven years old to ride it.  

5. Atmosfear:   

Fall from a height of 146 metres at 110 km per hour. You must be at least 140 centimetres tall to ride it.