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Gothenburg's best pubs and bars: Get a tap on your table

Here are six breweries and pubs you should visit in Gothenburg, Sweden.


If you can't decide whether you want to go to a restaurant, pub or bakery, then Poppels is the place for you. It's all of these things at once.

"This is a casual restaurant that you should be able to go to often. There is a focus on good food, vegetables and sustainability. We have real Swedish ingredients," says cookbook author and head chef at Poppels Citybryggeri, Johan Björkman. 

Not least: this is one the world's largest oak barrel-based pilsner breweries. Behind the glass walls, you can see the big oak barrels and get the brewed beer straight from the tap. In fact, you can get your very private tap right at your table at Johan's brewery on Vikingsgatan.

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Poppels Citybryggeri

Head chef Johan Björkman at Poppels Citybryggeri.

Here are 6 breweries and pubs you should visit in Gothenburg: 

Gothenburg has a number of local breweries, including Poppels, Stigbergets Bryggeri, Vega Bryggeri and Dugges Ale & Porterbryggeri. And if you are in Sweden's second largest city, you must of course experience the good, local flavours. We've found the pubs, breweries and bars that stand out.

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Visit an island

At the Brewers Beer Bar, you are welcome to ask for a taste sample.

1. Två Feta Grisar – on Ringön 

"Here, you get good beer, and you should order a plank with different samples," says Eva Lehmann, unit manager at Gothenburg & Co, the city's official tourism organisation.

Två Feta Grisar is located on Ringön and serves about 20 different beers. You can also get your own tour of the brewery and order a beer tasting where you can sample eight different brews and hear about the craft and the history of beer from a dedicated guide.  

Stigbergets Shangri-La

Don't be fooled by the facade, inside what looks like an industrial premises is a cool bar.

2. Stigbergets Shangri-La – for all the hipsters 

Seen from the outside, it's hard to believe that this is even a bar since there are pallets and planks stacked against the wall, and the place looks more like an industrial venue than a nightclub. But inside it's rustic, there are lots of round tables, streamers, and disco balls on the ceiling, as well as visitors of all ages.  

This is a real hipster place, but in a warm way. This was the former premises of Stigbergets Bryggeri, and you can of course drink beer from Stigbergets here. You can also dine on small dishes that taste like they are homemade – the selection varies according to availability and season.

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Poppels Citybryggeri

Poppels offers craft beer and a charming atmosphere.

3. Poppels Citybryggeri – a sustainable beer hall 

Although this brewery is not located in the city centre, it is just a 10-minute walk from the central station, or a quick ride on one of the city's bicycles. But it's really worth the trip. Large glass walls provide a view to the oak barrels of the place, the walls are lined with taps, and you get to drink excellent beer that is only sold on site.

It's a beer hall with a strong focus on sustainability, both in terms of food and drink. We recommend lunch, and ordering chef Johan's creative dishes with tasty vegetables. And, of course, sampling your way through the on-site pale ale, IPA, stout, non-alcoholic pale ale, or something novel when you're there since the brewery is constantly trying out new brews.

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Poppels Citybryggeri

At this location you can follow the brewing process behind large glass walls.

4. Ivans Pilsnerbar – coolest in Gothenburg 

"This is the coolest place in Gothenburg. It's very unique there, absolutely crazy inside. So special, but also incredibly nice," says Eva. 

Ivan's Pilsnerbar is located in the industrial area of Ringön and is known for its unusual interior with lots of plants and bright colours on its tablecloths and walls. It's an out-of-the-ordinary beer bar, focusing on pasta and electronic music – and of course beer from local breweries. 

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Lokalt øl

At Hönö you can taste locally brewed beer.

5. Hönöbryggeriet – a brewery in the archipelago 

Hönö is one of the largest islands in the Gothenburg archipelago, and you can get there in one hour by ferry from Stenpiren. If you really want to get to know the Swedish culture and take a day trip, do head out to this island, where you can enjoy delicious seafood and shellfish at Tullhuset and sip locally brewed beer.  

Hönö is home to Hönö Ölagille, which is a non-profit home brewery association, a group of genuine beer enthusiasts who have banded together to brew beer themselves, some of which has also been sold via local breweries. The recipe for some of the home brew has also ended up at Systembolaget, the state-run off license. 

Head to Hönö for sun and an archipelago experience, and ask for beer from Rörö öl, Hönöbryggeriet or BarlindBeer at the clubs.

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Brewers Beer Bar

This bar is located in the center of town, among both good shopping and restaurants.

 6. Brewers Beer Bar 

Here, you will find lots of local beer from Gothenburg as well as beers from other small breweries. The place is run by local Gothenburg brewers who are very knowledgeable, so it's perfect for those who are interested in beer. The menu includes artisan pizza.

Relaxed atmosphere and opportunity to sit both outside and inside. The location is very good, as Brewers Beer Bar is located in the central and cool shopping street Magasinsgatan right in the middle of the city centre.