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Hungry for brunch in New York? Here are the best spots

In New York, you can eat at a new restaurant every day – for the rest of your life. Although here's a wealth of places to choose from, we've made it easy with our list of the six best places to enjoy a delicious brunch in NYC.


Gita Simonsen

Who invented brunch?

It is claimed that it was British writer Guy Beringer who first coined the term 'brunch'. In an article published in 1895 titled "Brunch: A Plea", he wrote that a late social breakfast on Sunday "would make life brighter...". At the same time, he suggested that alcohol be served at brunch. So, now you know who you have to thank for that!

imageClinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant

Café and restaurant in the neighborhood

Clinton St Baking Co. is a classic American restaurant and bakery located on New York's Lower East Side.

Six places to experience brunch in New York

1. Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant – A safe bet

This restaurant started as a bakery but is now a star in the brunch world of New York. There are always a lot of people here, but he who waits for something good waits not in vain. Clinton St. Baking Company uses ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Everything here is sustainable!  

The cuisine draws inspiration from the South, coastal New England, and Jewish New York. Combined by Spanish-Mexican chefs, it all makes for multicultural and delicious food. Almost all the food is made on site, and you can eat breakfast, brunch, and dinner here.

Must try: The pancakes! These pancakes have been named "New York's best pancakes". Fluffy and light (and filled with blueberries). 

Address: 4 Clinton St., New York, 10002, USA 

imageLa Grande Boucherie

Central brunch spot

LA GRANDE BOUCHERIE aims to become a Parisian square in Midtown and one of the most authentic French dining establishments in Manhattan.

2. La Grande Boucherie in Midtown – French style and delicious food

French class in the middle of New York. This is a chain that has several locations, but none are as spectacular as La Grande Boucherie in Midtown. The aim was to create a Parisian square and one of the most authentic French restaurants in the city. The restaurant is decorated in Art Nouveau style, and a 150-year-old glass roof imported from France is suspended above the bar. La Grande Boucherie can accommodate 400 guests indoors and has outdoor seating for 150 guests all year round.  

Must try: One of the many good cocktails, about which the waiters are very knowledgeable. Simply tell them what you like, and they'll know exactly what you should

Address: 145 West 53rd Street 


Breakfast, lunch and dinner at Pastis

Guests can expect to find the classic bistro food Pastis is known for, with a menu offering breakfast, weekend brunch, lunch and dinner.

3. Pastis – as seen in Sex and the City

Pastis is a sure brunch winner located in the Meatpacking District. You may recognise the popular spot from Sex and the City, where Carrie and her Russian boyfriend Aleksandr Petrovsky enjoyed oysters and champagne. The venue is beautiful, featuring vintage mirrors and golden light in a traditional French bistro style. It serves a good cheeseburger and a perfectly fried steak, as well as eggs benedict from 7:30.  

Must try: The oysters!

Address: 52 Gansevoort Street 

imageLittle Egg

Little Egg is sustainable

Little Egg focuses on sustainable food.

4. Little Egg - sustainable and tasty

Little Egg is a restaurant on the border of Crown Heights and Prospect Heights in Brooklyn. Little Egg is committed to being sustainable. They prioritise local sources for their eggs, meat, grains and beverages, in addition to growing crops themselves. Little Egg has over 15 years of history, as the restaurant "Egg" is its big brother that was open from 2005-2020 but had to close its doors due to the global pandemic. Little Egg echoes its predecessor but with slightly smaller premises.   

Must try: Egg katsu sandwich!

Address: 657 Washington Ave, Brooklyn 


Tex-mex i vintage stil

Yellow Rose serves the perfect combination of Mexican and Texas cuisine.

Yellow Rose – Texas meets Mexico in a flavourful combo

Yellow Rose announced its arrival in 2020 and has been delivering quality food ever since. The interior is vintage and relaxed. With a pair of saloon doors opening into the restaurant, you'll be in the right frame of mind for the food being served — impeccable Tex-Mex. Everything is made from scratch at this restaurant run by couple Dave and Krystiana Rizo.  

Must try: Their tortillas!

Address: 102 3rd Ave, New York 


Comfortland gives "comfort food"

Comfortland is known for the best comfort food in the city.

6. Comfortland – fast comfort food

4009 30th Ave., Queens

Fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, pie, donuts, ice cream, milkshakes, hot chocolate, and much more. Comfortland offers just that — comfort food, but in the very best sense. This is the place to go when you just want to enjoy something really nice.  

Must try: Space jam!

 Address: 4009 30th Ave., Queens