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9 best restaurants in Paris

Here, you will find exclusive restaurants in the upper price range, as well as places that are more affordable and have a more laid-back style. Check out our list for the best places in Paris.


Gita Simonsen


The French capital has it all, also when it comes to food.

If you want to dress up and have exclusive dining experiences, the restaurants below are worth trying out. All these places should be booked in advance, and some of them have strict dress codes one must follow.

Exclusive French culinary experiences

1. La Société - warm and cozy

La Société is located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It has a modern interior yet is still warm and welcoming. Expect good service, and a menu that offers more tapas-like dishes than traditional dishes. The menu is a combination of fusion and French. The restaurant also has a lovely terrace where you can dine on nice sunny days. This is a place where you pay for both the food, location, and atmosphere. Simply trés chic. It’s famous for both its steak and cheesecake.

2. Costes - always open

Costes is a place you have to accept for what it is. In other words, a super trendy, hip place, where the staff is beautiful, and the service is so-so. It's still worth a trip, though. If you and the gang want a restaurant with a good atmosphere and music, then Costes gives you a nightlife feeling along with a dining experience. The interior and atmosphere are luxurious, and the terrace has a nice Italian style. The restaurant never closes, and food is served 24 hours a day. The restaurant has a dress code, and you have to dress formally to dine here. Although Costes offers both lunch and dinner, to get the complete experience, you should visit in the evening. The restaurant is part of the Costes Hotel and has the same owners as La Société.


Cozy Paris

Paris is full of cozy streets filled with restaurants, cafe's and shops.

3. Chez Julien - typical french

If you're in Paris and the sun is shining, there's nothing that beats the atmosphere in Chez Julien's garden. The restaurant is typically French, in the style of the Belle Epoque. La Belle Epoque, or "the beautiful epoch", was an era in French history that lasted from the late 19th century until the outbreak of World War I. The restaurant is located by the Seine Quay in central Paris and is best enjoyed at lunchtime.

4. L'Oiseau Blanc - Michelin rooftop restaurant

Perched at the top of the Peninsula Hotel, you will find L'oiseau Blanc, which was recently awarded two Michelin stars. The rooftop terrace offers breathtaking views of the whole of Paris. The Eiffel Tower looks beautiful through the windows and the city's architecture is shown off from its best side. Here, you can sip a drink to enjoy the view before dining elsewhere if Michelin stars are not part of your budget.

5. L'Arc Club - Hottest nightclub

This may be Paris's hottest nightspot. The club is located right next to the Arc de Triomphe and has been designed by music legend Lenny Kravitz. L'Arc Club is strict when it comes to admittance and following the dress code is a must. This is the place where the celebrities go, and the club often hosts the official Fashion Week after-parties and events when there are other big happenings in Paris. If you're visiting with a big group, you should book a table in advance. L'Arc isn't the place for you if you don't like a posh atmosphere.

"An informal and relaxed atmosphere"

Have you had enough of upper class experiences, and want to lean back in more relaxing surroundings? Below, you will find a good list of places that do not have a dress code, but still have a good atmosphere and delicious food.


Outdoor dining

Paris has it all, especially when it comes to food and amazing dining experiences.

6. Robert et Louise - family restaurant

The best steak in town is reputedly served at Robert et Louise. The restaurant is run by a Frenchman who is there every single night. The restaurant has a relaxing and fun atmosphere, where everything is informal. Located in Le Marais, it's a cosy little place where you forget about time and place as soon as you enter. Charming and cosy are the keywords in this restaurant that has an old cottage style. Surrounded by large wooden beams, the restaurant has an open kitchen where you look straight into the lovely open wood-burning stove where your steak is prepared.

The prices are good, and you get a lot for your money, as well as good service. Rumour has it that there is a mandatory sing-along in the basement. The restaurant is small, so you should book a table in advance.

7. Mary Celeste - small and intimate

Mary Celeste is a little gem in Rue Commines. The street is home to many wonderful bars, and it’s a good place for bar hopping if you’re in the mood. Mary Celeste is an oyster bar, so they naturally serve delicious oysters, but also several other great snacks that are perfect for sharing.

The restaurant is small and intimate, so it's not necessarily the place to go if you want to have a deep, quiet conversation. The drinks here are also recommended, and you will find a good mix of tourists and locals at the bar.le in advance.


Populare restaurant Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste is a populare gem in Rue Commines district.

8. La Petite Louise - Insta-friendly place

La Petite Louise is an incredibly convivial restaurant that is perfect for both breakfast and lunch. Charismatic and friendly staff meet you at the door, and the interior is welcoming and warm with bright, cool colours. In other words, it’s an Insta-friendly place.

The beautiful exterior is also reflected in the food - tasty fluffy scrambled eggs, pancakes, delicious coffee and freshly squeezed juices. Their croissants are precisely how a French croissant should be. It’s the perfect place to start your day and an excellent spot to visit if you want a break from sightseeing.

9. Holybelly - organic and homemade

Holybelly 5 and 19 are two separate cafés, both equally popular and located on the same street. The restaurants are known for their fantastic breakfasts and lunches. Holybelly focuses on seasonal ingredients and has many organic and homemade items on the menu. In addition, the service is always good.

Holybelly 19 is the smallest of the two, with room for about 30 people. They serve breakfast on sharing plates, and seasonal dishes that change weekly are served at lunch. Their speciality is coffee, and natural wines and teas. You can also get take-away here.

Holybelly 5 can accommodate up to 100 guests and is well known for its pancakes and breakfast dishes. It also serves daily specials. Here, you can expect to find a livelier atmosphere. At Holybelly 5, the only items that can be ordered for takeaway are coffee and cakes. It can be difficult to find a table here for groups that are larger than six.

It’s not possible to book a table in advance at either Holybelly 5 or 19, so make sure you arrive early, or be prepared to queue if you arrive at a busy time.