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Explore must-visit restaurants in San Sebastián Spain

First time in San Sebastián? Here are a local food guide's tips on the best restaurants in the Spanish food city, which is considered one of the world's finest.


Adrian Møller Haugan


You have booked your flights and hotel and know what kind of attractions you want to see on your weekend trip to San Sebastián.

But then there all the meals to consider, too. It's always a challenge when you're on a trip, but in San Sebastián it's extra difficult. The city in northern Spain is not only known for its beautiful beaches and architecture, but also for its incredible gastronomic scene.

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San Sebastián - A CHARMING TOWN

San Sebastián is a charming and pretty city, and is best experienced on two legs.

Most Michelin-starred restaurants per capita

With a feast for the palate on every street corner and Michelin-starred restaurants like pearls on a string, it's hard to make mistakes when dining out in the city. Still, it's never a bad idea to get some expert help from someone who knows the city inside and out.

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Sandra Surio was born and raised in the city and works as a food guide for the company Mimo – Bite The Experience. The company offers cooking courses and guided food tours where you can experience authentic Basque dishes. One of their most popular offerings is a guided pintxos tour.

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Local restaurant tips

Sandra Surio was born and raised in San Sebastián, and works as a food guide in the city. She shares her restaurant favorites with Picolo's readers. Here is a picture from a guided food tour in the city.

But San Sebastián is so much more than just pintxos. The city is the place in the world with the most Michelin-starred restaurants per capita, so it goes without saying that there is no shortage of opportunities for incredible dining experiences.

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Magical experience at Amelia

Amelia is one of many restaurants in San Sebastián with stars in the Michelin Guide.

To make the choice a little easier, we asked Sandra to compile a list of her favourite restaurants that are worth the trip on their own.

Pintxos restaurants in San Sebastián

La Cuchara de San Telmo

Its specialties are suckling pig, foie gras, and razor shells. The restaurant is just around the corner from the San Telmo Museum in the old town.

Adress: Calle 31 de Agosto street

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Great pintxos in the old town

It is easy to find good places to eat in San Sebastián.

Ganbara – a world-famous pintxos bar 

This is one of the most renowned pintxos bars in San Sebastián, and a favourite with chefs, including, it is rumoured, the late Anthony Bourdain. Ganbara´s house specialties are spider crab and mushrooms served with foie gras and a raw egg yolk. 

Adress: Calle de San Jerónimo, 21

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Restaurants and pintxos bars that are mentioned or have stars in the Michelin Guide can be found everywhere in San Sebastian.

Borda Berri – a perfect stop in the old town

This is another essential stop in the old town. Borda Berri changes its menu according to the seasons but is widely known for its ox cheeks served with mashed potatoes and ribs. 'Fake' risotto (they use a different type of rice) with local goat cheese is also a specialty.

Adress: Fermin Calbeton Kalea, 12

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The old town of San Sebastián is an important meeting place for both tourists and locals. In this area alone you will find several hundred restaurants.

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Atari Gastroteka – Classic pintxos with a modern twist

A more modern twist of the classic pintxos bar. Atari Gastroteka is very popular with both young and old, tourists and locals. Panceta de cerdo (crispy ribs) and ox cheeks with mashed potatoes are favourites. Also known for its gin & tonic.. 

Adress: Calle Mayor, 18

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The local wine variety, Txakoli, is an important part of the pintxos experience.

SSUA – a blend of new and old

Another pintxos bar that mixes classic dishes with new trends. SSUA is located in the old town. It has become known for its vegetarian options, such as cheese soup, and pork cheek tacos.. 

Adress: Calle de Agosto, 31

La Mejillonera  

Sandra warns us that although this pintxos bar may not look so appetizing from the outside she nonetheless believes it's well worth a stop. La Mejillonera focuses on fresh seafood, so it's important to try calamari with bravas sauce, or mussels in strong tomato sauce. Patatas bravas are also worth ordering.. 

Adress: Calle del Puerto 15

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You have to eat here in San Sebastián

Food guide Sandra is happy to share her best tips with those who ask.

Restaurants that offer good value for money

Bodegón Alejandro  

If you're tired of pintxos and want a different insight into Basque food traditions, Sandra says that Bodegón Alejandro in the old town is the place to go for lunch or dinner. 

Adress: Fermín Calbetón 4


Spanish celebrity chef Ander González is the man behind Astelena. According to Sandra, this is the place to sample Basque cuisine, but with white tablecloths and steep prices.

Adress: Euskal Herria Kalea, 3

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Large selection and lovely view

Many of San Sebastián's best restaurants are outside the city centre. Besides fantastic food, they often offer beautiful views of San Sebastián.

Asador Aldanondo 

Just across the street from Astelana you will find the barbecue restaurant Asador Aldanondo. Simple and classic Basque food at a reasonable price are the key words here according to Sandra.  

Adress: Euskal Herria Kalea, 6


A little more expensive than the recommendations above, but well worth the price. No star in the Michelin Guide, but Rekondo is still recognized as one of the best restaurants in town that is not yet at the very top. Is especially known for having one of the world's best wine cellars. If you ask nicely, you can even get a tour.

The restaurant is also one of Norwegian star chef Eyvind Hellstrøm's favourites in San Sebastián. Reservations are a must. Just remember to ask for a table on the terrace to get fantastic views of the city in the bargain 

Adress: Igeldo Pasealekua, 57

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