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Davero – an Italian success on the Spanish Costa del Sol

Looking for an authentic Italian restaurant in Marbella? I promise that the cosy family restaurant Davero will not disappoint.


Gita Simonsen

– It's probably the best Italian pizza I've tasted in my entire life, my partner said when he returned home from a night out with the lads when we were on holiday.


Wow, I thought. He's never spoken so highly of a restaurant in the many years we've been together.

­­– Do you really mean that?

­­­– Yes, and I've eaten a lot of pizza in my lifetime.

I certainly know that's true. So, naturally, I got the whole group we were travelling with to goback to the restaurant. I just had to experience this.


Davero lies in the old fishing port in Marbella

Cosy, welcoming and authentic 

Davero is discreetly situated between Quiron and the old fishing port, not far from Marbella's old town. The area is best known for its rich fishing history and is home to a variety of restaurants and bars. Davero looks like a simple restaurant. You could almost call it a hole in the wall", and it is easy to walk right past it. If you do stop, you will be able to hear the waiters speaking Italian to each other, which provides a kind of confidence in what is to come.

If you shift your focus further and use your sense of smell, you will undoubtedly be drawn into the restaurant. On closer inspection, Davero is a cosy restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere. Come as you are and with whomever you want. Our group consisted of six adults and four kids, and there was enough seating outside for all of us. 

A traditional, family-run restaurant

Davero is a family restaurant, where one brother and his wife serve the food, while his sister and her husband run the kitchen. The family came from Italy to Marbella and wanted to open a restaurant that was not necessarily typical of the area. This is no seafood restaurant. 

In true Italian style, the owner enthusiastically explains that they wanted to touch the soul of their guests through the food they served. 

"In 2014, we bought an old restaurant with no identity in a forgotten area of Marbella, and I think Davero is today the best place for authentic Italian food. People were very surprised when we first opened the restaurant because we focused on something other than seafood," says our server. 

Things were quiet when they first opened its doors.

"My wife and I spent our days watching films. We sat in the bar, and the hours passed without anyone coming. But we were in love and weren't going to give up on ours dream of Davero. Over the past nine years, we've turned the place around, without ever touching any of the products or recipes. We have retained the main reason for our success, namely quality. 



Genuine Italian ingredients from Italy

Davero only uses ingredients from Italy. The restaurant receives deliveries of products and goods every day.

"Whenever we are on holiday in Italy, we always spend some time finding new products that we can add to the menu in the coming year. Based on that, we change the recipes and the menu, but the classic dishes will always be available at our place."



Burrata with fresh tomatoes, nuts, olive oil and basalmico

Order a little of the entire menu

The secret to fantastic Italian food is simple but really good ingredients – and a pinch of love for the food. The fact that it is not possible to hide behind anything makes it easy to find errors and deficiencies. I've been told that you can reveal the level of an Italian restaurant based on its pasta carbonara, and the one we were served that night testified to the quality at Davero.

We ordered a little bit of everything, following the chef's recommendations...

 Angus Carpaccio, arguably the best carpaccio I've tasted, burrata pizza, a pasta carbonara made with eggs, no cream, and with truffle flakes and crispy bacon. We were served delicious orecchiette, cheese with a variety of hams, and the table continued to be filled with plates of various sizes. We finished with tiramisu, Nutella cheesecake, and panna cotta with pistachio. Everything was homemade, of course.

"Food is our philosophy," says the owner. He goes on to talk about his wife, who obviously means a lot to both him and the restaurant.

"My wife is the heart of the restaurant, she simply has a gift, which is a shame for all other restaurants, but lucky for us. Combined with good service and a lovely wine cellar, I think we have a recipe for success. That's what sets us apart from other restaurants in town," he says.


Pasta Carbonara

Homemade carbonara with crispy bacon and truffle flakes, topped with parmesan.

A wine cellar that warms your heart

Together with our meal, we are served a lovely, light rosé wine, which complemented both the food, the atmosphere, and the sea air. The restaurant has a large selection of wines, and it is clear that they have a high level of knowledge about the bottles that are stored neatly inside the room. If you want to sample something, they are more than happy to serve you a sip or two.

"My wine cellar is not just a selection of wine, but a personal collection that my guests have the pleasure of experiencing."

The owner goes on to say that for every wine they take in, there are at least 20-30 bottles that are rejected and that are not allowed to adorn the wine shelf. 

"We want to serve the very best. We are talking about both award-winning wines and also undiscovered gems." 

I ask him why they have such a strong focus on wine when they are a relatively small restaurant.

"It's simply because I have a kind of love affair with wine, the heart controls more than the brain. Every time we sell one of the wines I value the most, I don't sleep well at night," he says with a laugh.

Every time we sell one of the wines I value the most, I don't sleep well at night," he says with a laugh.

However, the price tag will nevertheless not scare you away. Here, you get generous portions at a very good price. If you want to try out the restaurant do make sure to book a table in advance, as its popular with both locals and visitors.

Order the carbonara, a pizza, and a tiramisu and anyone who loves Italian food will be satisfied...

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