The nine best things to do in Oslo

Heading for a long weekend in Norway's capital, Oslo? Here are the best activities for families and groups of friends ...


Guro Holmene


Oslo has it all. The city is located both by the fjord and just a short metro ride away from forests with fantastic scenery and marked trails.

In addition, the city centre boasts plenty of modern museums, cool nightlife, and free activities for the whole family.

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Here are our top nine tips on what to do in Oslo: 


Frognerparken / Vigelandsparken is one of Oslo's most impressive parks.

1. What to do in Oslo for free – impressive sculpture parks 

Oslo has several large and green parks. You will find the largest and most visited of them all in the Frogner district: Frognerparken, the Frogner Park. Explore the life’s work of artist Gustav Vigeland, in this park which houses 200 sculptures in granite, bronze and wrought iron. The most famous sculptures are The Monolith, which consists of 121 figures and stands on the park's highest point, and Sinnataggen. The latter is an 83-centimetre-tall toddler in bronze and is Vigeland's most famous work – known for its expression of anger and rebellion.

Another free experience in Oslo is Ekebergparken, from which one has fantastic views across the Oslo fjord and capital. The park is verdant and contains 40 sculptures and installations from international artists. It's a really cool and impressive place, with both a café and playground at the park's entrance that are perfect for children. You can also have lunch at the renowned Ekeberg restaurant, which is housed in a traditional functionalist building and has a menu that includes whale, scallops, and monkfish. 

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norway_oslo_oslofjorden_fjord_ekebergparken_art_what-to-do_restaurants_near-me_barnabas-davoti-unsplashBarnabas Davoti / Unsplash


Ekebergparken in Oslo has one of the best views of the capital.

2. Activities with children – visit a farm! 

EKT Dyrepark is close to Ekebergparken. The animals there roam freely, so children can pet and play with everything from rabbits, goats, pigs, to peacocks – or ride horses.

Don't forget to try the café's freshly made waffles!

norway_oslo_ekeberg_farm_animals_what-to-do_activities_family_kids_near-me_gabby-orcutt-unsplashGabby Orcutt / Unsplash

What to do in Oslo with children

The farm EKT in Ekeberg is reasonably priced and is well situated in nature.

3. Nightlife – karaoke and good bars 

Oslo has plenty of bars and nightclubs. If you want to be closes to places right in the city centre, you should stay around Youngstorget.

Head to Kulturhuset to socialise, Andre Til Høyre for a glass of red wine and the feeling of being at home in your own living room, or Himkok for Oslo's very best drinks.  

Stand out bars:
1. Oche – food, beer, and digital darts
2. Sing – book your private karaoke room
3. Duckpin – BBQ, short track bowling, and karaoke
4. Cue – good drinks, sit on a giant flamingo sofa or shoot pool on its 22 pool tables 

norway_oslo_restaurants_bar_hotels_pub_concert_near-me_elevate-unsplashElevate / Unsplash

Bars Oslo

Oslo is full of food halls, bars, pubs and venues for beer and concerts.

4. Sunday in Oslo - Frank Znort at Blå 

What should you do on a Sunday in Oslo? Listen to jazz! The Frank Znort Quartet has held jazz concerts on Sundays since 1998. The band consists of regular musicians and guests can enter the stage together with the live band. It's a really good atmosphere and setting, with Blå located right by the river in the urban district of Grünerløkka. 

norway_oslo_sauna_operahouse_swimming_oslofjorden_fjord_near-me_hotels_else-remen_KOKElse Remen / KOK

Sauna in the Oslo fjord

Book your private sauna and bath with a view to the Norwegian Opera & Ballet.

5. Sauna – swim in the Oslo fjord all year round 

Saunas have taken the big cities in the Nordic countries by storm, and Oslo is no exception. A swim in the Oslo fjord is a must to experience, whether it's summer or winter. Behind the Opera, lie several different saunas where you can drop in or book a session in advance. Have the Munch Museum as a backdrop when diving into the Oslofjord.

On the opposite side, called Langkaia, you can book your own private floating sauna via KOK Oslo. The sauna features a changing room, and you can bring your own food and drinks.

It's super nice, and a sauna experience is a must when visiting Oslo. 


In the district of Grünerløkka you go for good second-hand shopping and trendy nightclubs.

6. Grünerløkka - Oslo's urban district 

You can stroll around the Grünerløkka district for a whole day without getting bored. The area is home to some of Oslo's coolest and best restaurants. We believe Vespa & Humla (lunch), Markveien mat og vinhus (dinner) and Radio Løkka (late evening) are worth visiting. Markveien has several vintage and niche shops, in addition to the fact that you will also find Mathallen here, which offers a variety of Norwegian and international flavours.  

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Two other districts you should head to:

1. Bjørvika - a new district that is home to the Opera, the Munch Museum and several different saunas. You will also find the city's best donuts at Talormade, as well as the Michelin-starred restaurant Maaemo, and the trendy nightspot Hammerhai

2. Frogner – this is where you can find Vigeland Park / Frogner Park. It's also worth taking a stroll in the area to see its fine architecture. Bogstadveien has great shopping, with a number of well-known brands. Start at the top and walk down Bogstadveien and Hegdehaugsveien until you end up at the Royal Palace.  

norway_oslo_oslofjorden_fjord_munch_edvard-munch_scream_museum_what-to-do_restaurants_near-me_franz-wender-unsplashFranz Wender / Unsplash


Edvard Munch was a Norwegian painter, graphic artist, and the internationally best-known Norwegian visual artist.

7. The Munch Museum – one of the world's biggest collections by a single artist 

The Munch Museum in Bjørvika  consists of more than 26,000 works of art by Edvard Munch – the world-famous graphic artist and painter from Norway. The museum houses one of the world's largest collections by an artist and is well worth a visit. Munch's most famous works are The Scream, Madonna, and the Sick Child.

This modern museum opened its doors in 2021 and has a unique location right on the waterfront by the Oslofjord. It features a café, restaurant and bar, and exhibitions for children.  


Concerts in Oslo

Norway's capital is full of big and small concert stages - stay tuned, maybe your favorite artist is on stage the weekend you're in town?

8. Music – go to a drop-in concert 

Many people are not aware that Oslo has such a vibrant music scene. The city is full of small and intimate venues, in addition to the major concert halls such as Oslo Spektrum, Sentrum Scene and Telenor Arena. Always check listings to see what's on. If you are lucky, you might catch an international star when you are in town. But spontaneous music experiences can be even nicer sometimes, in which case you should check out these places:
1. Salt - outdoor concert venue. Street food and one of the world's biggest saunas.  

2. Parkteatret – an old cinema that has been converted into a venue, nightclub and eatery. Check out its programme for everything from rock and hip hop to jazz. 

3. Amerikalinjen – this centrally located hotel has a cool basement with its own jazz club. 

From city life to nature

From the center of Oslo, you can take the subway straight out into the forest, and Oslomarka.

9. Oslomarka - ride the tram straight into the forest 

If you talk to a Norwegian who recommends "Marka", they mean the large forest area that surrounds the capital, Oslomarka. You can take the tram or metro from a vibrant café and straight out onto marked trails in the forest. One of the most classic hikes is from Sognsvann to Ullevålseter. The hike is about 5 kilometres long, is easy through open terrain. When you arrive, you can enjoy a hot cup of chocolate and something sweet at Ullevålseter café.  
Tip: Visit DNT for good hiking tips