Bridgerton – visit the locations where the Netflix hit was shot

Bridgerton – in 2020, the adaptation of the book series became a massive Netflix hit, with a whopping 82 million streams in the first four weeks of the series' release. Here are the best locations to visit!


Gita Simonsen


Author Julia Quinn has already written eight books about the powerful Bridgerton family. Judging by the ratings, Netflix will no doubt continue to produce further seasons, as well as spin-offs, in the future. Shonda Rhimes is the series creator. It seems like everything Rhimes touches turns to gold, as she has been the creator of major hits including Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder – all series with strong female leads.  
In Bridgerton, we follow the eponymous powerful upper-class family and their children's path into marriage and love. There are, of course, numerous intrigues when it comes to love, family, friends, politics, and business. 


Lord Anthony Bridgerton in a famous scene from season 2

Jonathan Bailey plays one of the two main characters in Bridgerton season two.

Jane Austen meets Gossip Girl

Although the series is set in the 1800s, it's not exactly a classic period drama, think Jane Austen meets Gossip Girl. We get the British upper class in modern style. The actors are from every all around the world, the show features modern pop songs covered in a classic style, and we get colourful costumes in true regency style, but with a modern twist. Not least, we get to see lush nature, spectacular castles, and beautiful houses that you can visit in real life.


The powerful Bridgerton-family

The series is about the Bridgerton family and the children's search for love.

Here's our list of top places you can visit in the world of Bridgerton

The series takes us inside countless lovely homes, beautiful parks, and venerable castles. Very few of these are sets, but real places in England one can visit. 



Just over 5 km west of Salisbury is the historic town of Wilton. It is home to Wilton House, a grand stately home dating back to Tudor times.

Wilton House – Debutantes and the Queen's room

Wilton House has been the Earl of Pembroke's home for over 450 years and is open to the public during Easter and in the summer months. Wilton House is a popular filming location. In addition to Bridgerton, The Crown, Outlander, Pride & Prejudice, Tomb Raider and dozens of other famous series and films have been shot here. Inside the mansion, we can recognize several of the Queen's rooms, as well as the room in which the debutantes were presented. Outside is the Palladian Bridge where many of the promenades are set.

Where to find it: Wilton, near Salisbury.

Read more about Wilton House and plan your visit here  


Kate og Anthony have a love/hate relationship

Season two of Bridgerton follows Kate and Lord Anthony as they work against the strong chemistry between them.

The Great Park – a steamy hunting scene

Windsor Great Park covers 4,800 acres of historic landscapes and gardens and has been hosting royalty for over a thousand years, dating back to when William I used the area for hunting. The park is free and open around the clock, all year round.  

In season 2 of Bridgerton season, we see Kate riding through the park after a night with Anthony, and a scene where Kate falls off her horse. We're also in the park in the chase scene between the two main characters.

Where to find it: Windsor.


The Bridgetons home

We often see the Bridgerton family outside Rangers House.

Ranger's House – The Bridgerton family seat

Ranger's House is a stunning Georgian villa housing The Wernher Collection, a world-class art collection compiled by 18th-century businessman Sir Julius Wernher. See over 700 works of art that include sculptures, jewellery and paintings in one of the largest surviving private art collections ever assembled in Europe. The villa has been home to several members of the aristocracy and royalty.  

Used as the location of the Bridgerton family home, Ranger's House is featured a number of times in the series. You can visit the museum all year round. Read more about tickets and opening hours here 

Where to find it: Rangers House is located on the border between Greenwich Park and Blackheath.


imageVisit Greenwich

The Old Royal Naval College

The Old Royal Naval College's iconic riverside estate boasts 600 years of rich history.

The Old Royal Naval College – The Marketplace and Lady Whistledown

This magnificent property is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The square has over 600 years of upper-class history. Britain's royalty and famous Britons such as William Shakespeare, King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, and Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson all have a connection to The Old Royal Naval College.   

In Bridgerton, we visit the square when Eloise and Penelope walk through the market, and when the young newsboys hand out the latest edition of Lady Whistledown.

Where to find: The Old Royal Naval College is located on the riverside in the heart of Maritime Greenwich in London.

Majestic townhouses

We often see the characters in Bridgerton strolling outside the townhouses.

The Royal Crescent - The Featheringtons' home

The Royal Crescent is comprised of 30 townhouses designed by architect John Wood and built between 1767 and 1774. The houses are among the largest examples of Georgian architecture to be found in Britain, and the buildings are listed. Although some changes have been made over the years, the Georgian stone façades are much the same as they were when they were first built.

It's free to walk around outside, or you can enter home No. 1, which has been converted into a museum. You can also book yourself into the five-star Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa, located in the landmark.

In Bridgerton, The Royal Crescent is used as the exterior of the Featheringtons' home.

Where to find it: The city of Bath.

Bath is home to a number of location that have been featured in Bridgerton and are well worth a visit. Learn more about all the locations you can visit in Bath 


The country home of the Bridgerton family

Here we see the scenes from when the Bridgerton family are on holiday at their country estate.

Wrotham Park – The Bridgerton country house

Located in Wrotham Park, the Bridgerton family's country house of the Bridgerton family is referred to as Aubrey Hall in the series. Dating from the 1700s, the house is usually closed to the public, but can be rented as a venue for events such as weddings, corporate events, and the like. Wrotham Park also offers limited tours of the house each year, but you'll have to be early to buy tickets, as they are ripped away quickly.  

Where to find it: Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire.

imageEnglish Heritage

Wrest Park is a beautiful garden landscape

Here we see the famous bee sting-scene that brings Anthony and Kate closer to each other.

Wrest Park – the famous bee sting

For over 600 years, the Wrest estate was home to one of the leading aristocratic families in Britain, the de Greys. Each generation left its mark on the estate. The property boasts a beautifully restored garden landscape, which houses one of the few remaining formal gardens from the early 1700s.

In Bridgeton, the property is the location of the famous bee sting, which brings Kate and Anthony close. This is also where Prudence and Lord Featherington are caught 'red-handed'.

Read more about the park and book tickets here 

Where to find it: Bedfordshire

imageHolburne Museum

We get to see more of Lady Danbury's home in the spin-off series Queen Charlotte, but it also features in Bridgerton.

The Holburne Museum – Lady Danbury's home

The Holburne Museum was Bath's first public art gallery. The Grade II listed building was originally designed and built as a hotel but is now home to a collection of fine and decorative art. Based on a collection amassed by Sir William Holburne, the art includes works by artists such as Gainsborough, Stubbs, Ramsay, and Zoffany. The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, music performances, family events, and lectures. 

In Bridgerton, the exterior of the museum is used as the entrance to one of the ball scenes in Bridgerton and is the home to Lady Danbury.