Babymoon – the perfect holiday for expectant parents

If you or your partner are pregnant and want to go on holiday together before the baby arrives, then a babymoon is for you!


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A babymoon can be many things. You can compare it to a honeymoon, except that it’s now about enjoying your last time together before your family's new addition arrives, whether you're expecting your first child or if the family is expanding. There are no rules for a babymoon — travel with your partner, family, friends or alone. It’s simply the perfect time to indulge in some luxury before the next phase of life occurs.

Why should you go on a babymoon?

The period between receiving a positive pregnancy test and the baby arriving is a very special time. A babymoon can be the perfect opportunity to set aside time to reflect and have the conversations you need to have before the baby arrives (and, of course, to unwind). Although you can do that at home, it always feels better in beautiful surroundings. All pregnancies are unique, and there are many to plan along the way. The weeks are flying by, but this is when you have to find some time to pamper yourself.

When is the best time to travel?

As long as you are in good health and have taken the vaccines you need, it is safe for pregnant women to travel by air, even in the final trimester. Many people choose to wait until after the 12th week, since it’s common to experience nausea, and you can also be extra tired during this period. The second trimester tends to be a more comfortable period for expectant mothers.

Most airlines require a medical certificate if you want to fly 4 weeks or fewer before the due date. Notify your midwife or GP before you go on holiday and take the necessary precautions that fit your condition.

Where should you go?

What's extra nice about a babymoon is that it can be super-simple, or a big trip. Is there a special place you and your partner have always dreamed of going? Maybe this is the time to do it. For the vast majority of expectant parents, it is perfectly ok to travel to another country, but this varies from person to person. Your doctor may advise you to stay closer to home. Booking a night or two at a local hotel can be just what you need.

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A good reason to go on a babymoon

A babymoon can be the perfect way to relax and spend time with your partner before giving birth.

Things to consider:

Zika and malaria virus

These are viruses that, among other things, are transmissible through mosquito bites, and that can harm the foetus. According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health , Zika virus can occur as there are occasional cases in large parts of the U.S. continent, Southeast Asia, Africa and Oceania. That excludes many exotic destinations.

Hygiene and health

Does the country you want to travel to have good hygiene and cleanliness? Do you have to take any additional vaccines to go there? What’s the health care system like? There are many things pregnant women should avoid eating, and it is especially important to be extra careful aboard. Hotels with a high standard can be trusted, but you don't have to try everything at the local food market. It’s also reassuring to know that the country you are travelling to has good health care, should you need any help.

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A lot to remember to bring on your trip

If you are going on a babymoon, there is a lot to remember to pack on your trip.


If you are travelling by air, it is always an advantage to book direct flights, preferably to destinations with shorter flight times. If you are travelling far, remember to get up and move about, and feel free to do a few squats along the way. This will help boost your circulation.

Stockings and extra pillows

Support stockings are recommended If you are pregnant and are going to travel by plane. Pregnant women are more susceptible to clotting than men. Support stockings help increase blood circulation in the legs, and are therefore a must for long journeys, both on airplanes and in cars. Ask the flight attendants for extra pillows, as your back can quickly become stiff and uncomfortable.


Be sure to check that your travel insurance is in order and bring your health card with you on a trip.


Be realistic about what you can actually afford. This might not be the best time to take on any more debt.

Snacks and drinks

It is important to drink enough fluids, since the body easily becomes dehydrated on a plane. Water is best, other drinks can be diuretic. The food service on planes is never a big feast, and, as a pregnant woman, it is always good to have some extra snacks to hand.

Think simple

Take it easy. Distribute major activities over several days and schedule frequent breaks to avoid getting too tired. This is not the type of holiday for squeezing in as much as possible.

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