Åre - the best ski resort in the Nordic countries

It's not only in the Alps that you can get fantastic skiing experiences. There are also a number of ski centres that can tempt any avid skier further north. Åre in Sweden is on par with the best destinations in Europe.


Gita Simonsen


Åre has long been a home for winter sports and major championships. Here, you will find alpine skiers, biathletes, and cross-country skiers, but also ordinary visitors who enjoy a good winter holiday. Although it's worth a visit all year round, there is something magical about this place when the snow has settled on the mountaintops.


Skiing for all

In Åre, "everyone" can ski. The slopes vary in difficulty from beginner to expert.

Alpine skiing - something for everyone

You can find something for everyone in Åre, whether you're an expert, beginner, or something in between. The ski centre in Åre offers a total of 42 lifts and 89 slopes divided into green, blue, red, and black slopes. This is by far Scandinavia's largest centre, with delicious restaurants equal to those found at popular Italian and French destinations.

The alpine ski area is divided into three: Åre Village, Björnen, and Duved/Tegefjäll.

In Åre Village you will find the main lift, which is located in the most central and largest part of the ski centre. From here you can reach the highest point – the top of Åreskutan mountain, and thus the steepest and longest slopes. From top to bottom, it's close to 900 metres, which is the largest height difference in the Nordic region. It is not without reason that the Alpine Ski World Cup has found its way to Åre several times. The cherry on top is its downhill course, a whopping 3,122 meters. In this part of the facility there are also great off-piste opportunities but remember to be careful in avalanche-prone areas.


Slopes for both snowboarders and skiiers

In Åre Village you will find the main lift, which is located in the most central and largest part of the ski centre.

Åre - a beautiful mountain village

Björnen is the most family-friendly area. There are conveyor belts for small kids and beginner ski lifts and a both food and restrooms are just a short distance away. You can reach Björnen via Åre Village on skis or by hopping on the ski bus, which is free with a ski pass. Björnen is also home to the magnificent Copperhill Mountain Lodge, owned by the well-known Strawberry hotel chain.

Further west into the valley you will find the ski areas Duved and Tegefjäll, where you can start on one and ski across to the other. This area is usually a little less crowded and offers skiing for all levels, although the peaks are not as high as those you find in Åre. The children's area in Duved and Tegefjäll is connected to the larger trails, making it easy for both adults and children to enjoy the slopes. Read more about the different areas here.

Åre is a compact and beautiful mountain village. You can ski all the way down to the shops in the narrow streets of the centre via small wooden bridges covered with snow. Simply ride the Bergbanan, a small train that was built as far back as 1910, to head back up to the slopes again. Bergbanan stops at Hotel Fjällgården, which offers pulsating après-ski parties.


Easter in Åre

Åre is a compact and beautiful mountain village.

Cross-country skiing - endless possibilities

Åre and the surrounding area not only have high mountains, but also long, beautiful ski trails to please everyone with a heart for cross-country. The trails have different characteristics – some with steep terrain, others with long, straight trails. In most places you can both skate ski and ski classic on the groomed trails. If you love forest trails, or even open countryside, you will be happy to learn that there are opportunities for both here. The trails stretch from Åredalen to Vålådalen, with many more areas in between.

 Read more about the skiing options here 


Beautiful nature

Cross-country skiing as far as the eye can see

Our top restaurant and hotel tips

Buustamons Fjällgård

This gem of a restaurant is situated all by itself, far from the busiest parts of the slope. Buustamons offers unique culinary experiences in a quaint atmosphere, and source all their produce from the region. You can also stay in one of its 12 rooms with a total of 26 beds or in one of the cabins. Buustamons offers its very own schnapps, made at what is one of the smallest distilleries in Sweden. The restaurant is one of the very best in this Swedish ski paradise.

Karolinen – a traditional restaurant with delicious local cuisine

Karolinen is located a short drive from the centre of Åre in Björnänge. You can also take the ski bus there. The restaurant offers Nordic cuisine, and the food is prepared on hot stones. The restaurant is traditional, with a fireplace that provides both warmth and a good atmosphere. Karolinen also has a children's menu consisting of the same type of food as elsewhere on the menu, just in smaller portions. If you don't eat meat, the kitchen will adapt the dishes for you.

Copperhill Lodge – luxury after a long day on the slopes

Copperhill Lodge is perhaps the finest hotel this far north in Scandinavia. Located at the top of Förberget, the hotel offers a lovely view of the valley. Copperhill is a designer hotel whose interiors are reminiscent of a luxury ranch. The hotel has both large and small rooms in a stylish design in addition to a 700 sqm private villa. Naturally, there is also a lovely spa that is also available to visitors who are not staying at the hotel, a fitness room, and an impeccable restaurant serving locally produced food.