This is where Yellowstone was shot – you can stay with the Duttons

Thousands of fans around the world have been following the Dutton family's ups and downs at Yellowstone Ranch, spearheaded by the head of the family, John Dutton. The series takes place in Montana and is shot in beautiful and wild natural surroundings. Now, you can actually stay at the Dutton's place.


Gita Simonsen

For five seasons, we've followed the Dutton family's life on Yellowstone, America's largest ranch. The plot revolves around the spectacular estate and the Dutton ranch, which many people want to acquire – no matter the cost. The family must constantly defend themselves with weapons, politics and words. Moreover, as all good series must contain, there are a number of intrigues and romantic relationships. If that wasn't enough, it all takes place in the stunning setting of the American wilderness, and the characters fully embrace the cowboy lifestyle. That means horses, rodeos, cattle, belt buckles, cowboy hats, guitars, and a whole lot of booze.

Now it's almost over. Thousands of fans are dreading saying goodbye to the series, all set to end in 2023. Fortunately, the great locations where the series is filmed will remain.

Here's where you can live like the Dutton family in Yellowstone.

1. Yellowstone Ranch - Chief Joseph Ranch 

The centrepiece of the series is Yellowstone Ranch located in the state of Montana. Much of the action takes place in the ranch's main house, the barracks where the rodeo boys live, by the barn and on the plains that surround the yard. Yellowstone Ranch, with its massive white barns and huge Y's hung above the barn doors, is a real place. A five-hour drive from Yellowstone National Park, Chief Joseph Ranch is located in Darby, Montana. The ranch has a long history and was used as early as 1805 by travellers. People lived there permanently since 1880.

Today, the ranch is owned by Shane Libel and his family. When there is no filming taking place on location, you can book yourself into two of the cabins on the property, eldest brother Lee Dutton's and Rip's cabin, respectively, if you have been paying close attention to the series. The family that owns it runs a guest ranch from June to August.

Shane Libel says in an interview with Paramount, "The most surreal thing in the world is when you're sitting in your own living room watching a show filmed in your house."

You have to book a stay at the ranch to enter the lot. It is not possible to get a guided tour without it, otherwise you can only take a picture from the road outside the gates. A guided tour of the area is included in your booking — perfect for Yellowstone fans.



Yellowstone can be visited in real life. The ranch is called Chief Joseph Ranch, and is located in Darby, Montana.

2. Dan Jenkins lodge - luxurious clubhouse with year-round activities

Dan was the antagonist in season 1 but became an ally of the family in season two. The real estate developer lived in a spectacular house with an insane view. This place is actually called Nicklaus Clubhouse and is reserved for members. If you don't mind the prices, there are a variety of activities available to visitors, including skiing in the Rocky Mountains, golf, an equestrian centre, a pool, and a variety of great restaurants.


Powerful scenery

Glacier National Park, Montana, USA.

3. The Governor's House – Daly Mansion museum  

In the season finale of Part 1, season five, we get to see the inside of John Dutton's governor's house as he watches the news. The Governor's House isn't as spectacular as the ranch, but the residence is huge and isn't a movie set. Daly Mansion is a beautiful Victorian house located outside of Hamilton in Montana's Bitterroot Valley. The home was built in the 1800s, and houses over 50 rooms over three floors, with over 2,200 square meters. Since the 1980s, the residence has been open to visitors, and now serves as a museum.  



Casey Dutton, John Dutton og Rip at The Yellowstone Ranch.

4. Bitterroot Valley – a natural gem in Montana  

Many of the most spectacular scenes in Yellowstone were shot in Bitterroot Valley, in and around Darby. Some scenes were also shot have on the Big Hole River between Butte and Melrose. Bitterroot Valley is a dream for nature lovers. The valley stretches over 160 miles from south Missoula to the Lost Trail Pass and straddles the border between Montana and Idaho.

Bitterroot Valley has mountains on either side, with the Bitterroot Range and the vast Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area and carved granite canyons such as Blodgett Canyon and Bass Creek Canyon to the west. On the eastern side, you will find the Sapphire Mountains and the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness Area.

The world's best fly fishing

Bitterroot Valley River is world famous as the 'blue ribbon fly fishing river' and is known as one of the best places in the world for fly fishing. The Bitterroot Valley has rivers with various currents, deep water points, fallen trees, and seasonal spawning that make it one of Montana's most popular fishing areas. 

If you do not want to go hiking in the mountains or fishing in the rivers, you can sit safely and comfortably in your car. Take Highway 93, which is the major motorway that runs through downtown Bitterroot Valley. The road offers one of America's most scenic drives.



Turquoise water and mighty mountains

Grinnell Lake in Glacier National Park i Montana, USA